Balloon ride tour along the North Saskatchewan in Canada.

The change of seasons is one of the most distinguished and enjoyable times in Canada. No matter what province you visit, the palpable excitement as Winter turns to Spring, Spring to Summer, and Summer to Autumn, is contagious.

In Edmonton, along the stunning North Saskatchewan River this means a slowing down of the hectic summer pace as the food, theatre, art and music festivals wrap up in the city, and harvest in the surrounding rural landscape comes to an end. People spend as much time on bikes, patios and park benches as possible to soak in the last of the short summer heat that Alberta has to offer.
But perhaps the most poignant of Autumns offerings resides in the trees, their magnificent change of color from greens to the rich, warm pallet of gold, orange and reds, the distinct smell of damp earth and fallen leaves that blend perfectly in the cool crisp morning air as if created by a perfumer. One of the best ways to take in the true feeling of an Autumn day is from a perch, high in the sky on a hot air balloon. You will be transported into a world with a riot of color below you as the treetops spread out like a Persian carpet and a burst of brightness above you, as you sail under the fabric eye of your own brilliant balloon.

The world is quiet, still, and calm from this vantage point, and your pace of life might just slow down as much as mother nature does as she prepares for the white wrappings of winter.

Hot Air Balloons come in every color of the rainbow, appropriate for their purpose of transporting you through the air in a truly magical experience.