Every year thousands of tourists choose Halkidiki (also known as Chalkidiki, Chalcidice or Chalkidike) as a holiday destination and no wonder since it is a perfect place for recreation, for both families and young people. Halkidiki is a peninsula with 3 branches: Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos, reserved only for monks and priests serving in monasteries.

vattAccording to mythology, Kassándra, the first peninsula of Halkidiki, was the site of the mythical Clash of the Titans. The fact that Kassandra resort is considered the most ecological in Chalkidiki peninsula was one more reason to choose it as a holiday destination. In addition, Kassandra’s many beaches are awarded with “Blue Flag”, the symbol of water quality, according to international standards of environmental protection. The magnificent natural landscape, the fine sand, the luxurious vegetation and the turquoise sea are pleasing thousands of tourists spending their summer vacation here.


Kassandra is about 100 km from Thessaloniki and still retains the old charm of the fishermen villages, with their boats full of fish and rocky beaches. No doubt it is the most animated of the peninsula, with many resorts and hotels, terraces, clubs and restaurants for all tastes. Some of the most popular are Floyitá, Áthytos, Kallithéa, Hanióti, Polýhrono, Pefkohóri, Palioúri, Potidea, with beaches to die for and beach bars. Kassandra it is also home for untouched beaches, perfect places to recharge your batteries. A good way to know Kassandra is an evening walk (I recommend Polyhrono village), explore traditional taverns offering delicious dishes, with specific fish and seafood, the traditional Greek wine and of course the famous tzatziki salad or yogurt with honey and walnuts served as dessert.

kisssThe golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise water, the blending of green and blue and the rich gastronomic heritage… no wonder this place captured my heart instantly.