Like many travelers, I love the opportunity to view a country through the day-to-day lives of the people who live there, away from other tourists, attractions, and famous sites. It can bring a new sense of appreciation for a different culture if you are presented with the opportunity to watch people simply live their lives in a way that is different from your own. Often all it takes to engage in this element of travel is to visit a local market or restaurant, travel through a rural area, or wake up with the sun and simply see what is happening in the streets outside your accommodation.

Suddenly you can find yourself in a world where people arrive early at the market, to set up their stalls, flowing in with their produce by cart, car, boat or horse, greeting one another as they jostle for the best space. A place where every action, no matter how simple, seems to demand a photograph, the bright patterns of skirts or rich tones of earth and skin making the world around you spring to life simply because it is different from the familiar.

Differences make us unique, they make our world interesting, worth exploring – tasting, smelling, seeing. Differences are the catalyst and driver for many people’s travel, they are part of why we reach beyond the comfort of our own homes, and within those differences we find things worth sharing with one another. They bring about laughter, spark conversations and expand the sharing of ideas as we marvel over the vastness of the world and the amazing diversity and human capability to thrive within it.