“Canadian Winter.” For those who have not experienced it, this statement can bring to mind images of white monochrome landscapes, frozen wastelands, void of color or life. But winter in Canada is ripe with scenic bounty, vibrancy and appeal. Bright sunrises and sets reflect brilliant colors off the white pallet of snow-drifted hills. Take your ski’s or snowshoes into the back country and you will be rewarded with glimpses of some of natures most hardened and resilient animals all wrapped in deceptively delicate looking downy fur or feathers.

Morning is late to arrive and sunset early to appear in the long winter darkness of Northern Alberta, but the gold of the sun is worth the wait.
On a rare Alberta morning the frost lays so thick it is like fresh snow on the branches of the trees.
The change of season leaves behind remnants of autumn’s flashy display of color; clusters of dried berries, leaves and the red of the dogwood bark are all brought to centre stage with snow as their backdrop. Pillows of white soften the harsher elements of concrete and metal and beckon those who dare, to drop into its soft depth for a moment of childhood abandon and play.